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The grading screens are used strongly in the deferral process of solids. In turn, granulometry consists of the distribution of granules based on their dimensions. It is very common to find particle size sieves being called laboratory test sieves. The accessory is placed over the magnetic stirrer, which starts to vibrate to separate the particles. Thus, it is possible to keep all the granules properly separated with the test sieve. However, both serve the same purpose. Therefore, knowing how to find these accessories is of vital importance for those who work in industrial laboratories, research centers, universities, among other enterprises. It can be used in the classification of all types of cereals that use sieves, as its system allows the use of numerous holes. Its practical sieve exchange system allows you to work with several cultures simultaneously, as in a few seconds one set of sieves can be exchanged for another.

Test Sieves is worth emphasizing that particle size sieves have as their main function the classification of elements of certain products for reliable and exact sieving analysis. Through the gaps contained in the sieve, the particle size distribution takes place efficiently. In short, particle size sieves are used in the analysis and particle size control of laboratory samples. The filtering mesh of the sieve for granulometry can be made of stainless steel or brass, depending on the model. The sieve body is made of stainless steel, which guarantees even more resistance in applications.

When carrying out granulometry tests or analyzing materials in general, there are specific equipment that help in the optimization and accuracy of the results. Test sieve has an ergonomic design and delivers great reliability in the particle size analysis of the material, performing automatic recognition and registration of the mesh being used, in addition to recording the quantities of product that was retained, passed through and accumulated, mitigating failures normally found in reports of vibrating sieves.


In the sieving process, there is a separation that occurs according to the geometric dimension of the particles that will be separated with the sieve. It is important to emphasize that the test sieve can also have lids and bottoms – material collectors. In addition, the sieve can also be sold individually, without having to buy the other accessories. This is because the sieve is used in conjunction with other equipment, such as a magnetic stirrer, for example.



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