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Cryo Bath Manufacturers India stands out in respect of affordability and features

The term Cryo bath refers to a device that is designed to generate a liquid environment that is below the freezing point of normal biological tissues (usually -50°C to -70°C). The price of a Cryobath machine starts from Rs. 85,000/-. The name of the process in which the Cryobath machine is used is called Cryopathy.

Applications/ Uses of Cryo Bath Machine:

There are different applications or uses of the Cryo bath machine. The Cryobath machine is mainly used for research purposes. The applications of the Cryobath machine are as follows:

One- The company is one of the largest manufacturers of Cryo bath machines in India, they are also engaged in the marketing and exporting a wide array of Cryo baths which is used widely for carrying out research and studies at specific temperatures.

Two- The machine features an exclusively designed microprocessor for accurate temperature control as well as a circulating pump to ensure proper uniformity of equal temperature throughout the liquid. The device has a sturdy cabinet that is fabricated by using the best grades of stainless steel and it comes with a plethora of accessories to match requirements of specific purposes.

Three- The device also features an outstanding high quality heating element for long service life. Beside the standardized Cryo bath the company also manufactures customised Cryobath according to the wishes of their customers.

Salient Features & Construction of Cryo Bath:

There are a lot of features that goes into the construction of the Cryobath. The features or specifications of the Cryo bath device are as follows-

First: the outer chamber of the device is made up of MS powder coated steel.

Second: the inner chamber of the device is made up of Stainless Steel (304 grade).

Third: with every Cryo bath device a door gasket is provided for proper sealing along with heavy hinges and door closing device.

Fourth: the heating elements of the Cryobath are made up of high-quality Nichrome.

Fifth- Kanthal wire are embedded around the chamber of the Cryobath.

Sixth: every Cryobath device is supplied with 1 or 2 removable shelves.

Seventh: the temperature of the Cryobath is controlled by Electronic Digital temperature indicator that is fitted in the front of the device for easy visibility.

Eighth: the temperature is displayed on the digital LED screen.

Ninth: the front panel beside the temperature display also includes the ON/OFF switch.

Tenth: the Cryobath comes with cord and plug.

Eleventh: the Operating Voltage of the Cryobath device is 22 Volts AV (50 Hz).

Thus, from the above features and specification it can be concluded that the Cryobath device is a very essential device that is used for doing research on different medical ailments like migraine, nerve irritation, mood disorders, arthritic pain, low risk tumors, it is also used in the research for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The name of the product that is being launched is called Cryo Bath (PLT-142D).