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Controlled atmosphere heat treatment can be applied in several segments of laboratory and industrial facilities where there is a need to heat quality industrial parts. In order for the parts to have consistency in heating, a controlled atmosphere oven is used, which makes it possible to obtain a heat treatment in which the process control is efficient and the parts produced come out as expected. When you want to prevent the reaction of the product placed in an oven from suffering the action of air, it is necessary to use a controlled atmosphere furnace.

The controlled atmosphere heat treatment method serves the aerospace industry, universities, mechanics, chemistry, laboratories, and many other industries and brings exceptional advantages in heating steel parts.

A controlled atmosphere furnace allows the introduction of one or more gases, which will start to react with the heated material, protecting it from the action of oxygen and water vapor contained in the air.



With the use of a controlled atmosphere furnace, it is possible to introduce other gas mixtures, which can be inert, such as nitrogen and argon, or active, such as hydrogen, endothermic gas, exothermic gas, or a mixture of them in any desired proportion.

A furnace with a controlled atmosphere must have, among its most important characteristics, the tightness of its chamber or muffle, to avoid the infiltration of external air. The safety aspect of handling and introducing desired gaseous atmospheres, especially those that can form explosive mixtures, is critical to safe operation.



The atmosphere furnace is a sophisticated piece of equipment. It offers features for precise heating, consistent thermal homogeneity, and full control over all parameters of the thermal process. Ideal for laboratories and industries that need to precisely control each thermal work, it is robust equipment that offers clean finishes and is free of residues that would cause oxidation.

In the atmosphere furnace operation, the part is heated completely and not just in the joint area. This is due to the operating system: the atmosphere furnace is composed of a large, heated steel chamber, which is powered by a specific gas, to create neutral (protective), reducing, or oxidizing atmospheres, as required by the line. Production in heat treatment.



With the use of controlled atmosphere heat treatment, your industry can achieve energy savings and, at the same time, high efficiency, even with the reduction of operating costs due to the lack of need for multiple operators. Controlled atmosphere heat treatment can be applied to pieces of all shapes and sizes while guaranteeing satisfactory results.

  • High Performance;
  • Low Energy Consumption;
  • Thermal Homogeneity;
  • Accurate Controls And Safety Devices;
  • Reduction Of Operating Costs;
  • Heating Parts In Any Format;
  • Safety For The Production Process;
  • Differentiated Finish.

The controlled atmosphere furnace, with integral tempering, is ideal for carburizing and tempering treatments and is the center of a complete heat treatment system, when it includes, in an integrated set, a tempering oven, a parts washer, and cars. of load transfer.


Technical Specification

Main parameter Max.Temp: 1800℃  (Ambient -1700℃ Continuous working temperature).

Max.Temp: 1700℃  (Ambient-1600℃ Continuous working temperature).

Max.Temp: 1450℃  (Ambient-1400℃ Continuous working temperature).

Max.Temp: 1100℃  (Ambient-1000℃ Continuous working temperature).

Suggested heating rate:10℃/min

Power supply: AC 220V/440V

Max. power: 4kw – 10KW (Depending on the chamber size)

Furnace structure 1.    Double layers forced air cooling structure, the temperature is less than 60℃.

2.    Integrated compact design, stepped split joint structure, personalized furnace door, and touch screen operation more convenient and practical.

3.    Over-temperature protection,over-current overload protection,bias-temperature protection,burnout thermocouple warning,temperature setting ultra-high protection,temperature program ultrafast protection.

4.    Furnace door use integral plane milling, silica gel embedded seal, sealing tightly, furnace door open and close easily.

5.    All inert gas, mixed gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, argon gas, oxygen, etc.

6. Can be set up one or more air inlet end, each air inlet is equipped with needle valve, flow meter, connect the vacuum table, vent connected airflow, all with the needle valve hole.

Heating element: Mosi2 heater/ SIC heater / Kanthal A-1 Heater
Thermocouple B type(overheating and couple breaking protection)/R type
Temperature controlling PID automatic control via SCR(silicon controlled rectifier)power control with phase angle fired, current limiting resistor.

30 segments “time-temperature curve” can be set arbitrarily.

Pre-stored 8 temperature curve(can increase more curve)

Temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Packaging information Wooden Box Packaging
Warm Tips 1. To improve the service life of the heating assembly, we suggest that the heating rate should not exceed 10 ℃ / min.

2. The cooling rate should not exceed 5 ℃ / min.

3. Small cracks may occur on the surface of the furnace. This is a normal phenomenon, that does not affect the normal use, cracks can be repaired with alumina coating.

4. Heating furnace can be replaced

Standard accessories Crucible tongs I pc

High-temperature gloves 1pair

Vacuum pump 1 pc

Air pressure pipe

Silicon rubber sealing ring

User manual 1book

Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime support, excluding heating element, cooling fans, thermocouple, and ceramic tube damaged by the user.

Attention: Any damages caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases, and any damage from the wrong operation and use are not under the coverage of One Year Limited Warranty.



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