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Gyratory Sieve Shaker (gyratory motorized) is used in laboratories and industries, usually during granulometry processes and for performing the mechanical screening. This procedure promotes the size determination of the analyzed heavy solid particles or materials. The sample is placed in granulometric sieves to be literally sieved, to enhance the sieving process, this sieves shaker is separator and classifier tool of material which is also known as gyratory motion sieve shaker, which in turn promotes upward and downward movement, thus accelerating the sieving.

The gyratory sieve shaker is easy to operate to separate according to the geometric size of the particles, which guarantees reliable fastening of the sieves and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced. This sieve shaker has a gyratory drive system that produces a unique upward and downward movement pattern. The screening material can be evenly distributed throughout the screening section.


The gyratory sieve shaker can be used for any type of sieving, determination of particle size, separation and material classification of inorganic and organic substances, such as rocks, sand, clay, feldspar, granite, coal, soil, various powders, grains, seeds and other solid particles.

  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Material Size Analysis and Control


  • Easy to operate
  • Separates particles according to size, as the equipment facilitates the selection process
  • Used in granulometric analysis, individual control of time and movement
  • Switch, with time clock, automatic shutdown
  • Upward and downward movement
  • Completely sealed gyratory motor, adjustable speed, maintenance free, running without noise
  • With 3 programs, continuous, with vibration interval and smooth shake
  • It is used in particle analysis to agitate a pile of test particles, allowing them to reorder them according to their size.
  • It comes equipped with an easy-to-use analog interface and a timer with automatic shutdown
  • Carries up to 7 sieves of 200mm diameter in single adaptor
  • It features a powerful 1/4 HP motor capable of agitating up to full-size and medium-size sieves.
  • Meets ASTM standards


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