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A wet sieve shaker is wet sieving equipment for particle size analysis and reproducible sieving results of material. The process is used for products with a high electrostatic charge or with a very high rate of fine particles. Mode of operation: an electromagnetic drive moves the sieves vertically in an oscillating movement. Fields of application: used in quality control for production monitoring, or in research for particle size separations and analyses. The purpose of sieving is to promote the separation of non-cohesive granular material into two or more fractions of different sizes. In wet sieving, water is added to the material to be sieved in order to facilitate the passage of fines through the sieving screen.

Particle size distribution (also called grain size distribution or texture) is one of the most important properties of soil. Besides agricultural soils, soil’s scientific properties are largely determined by the texture of the soil. Particle size distribution, ease of soil, capillary conductivity of soil, available moisture, the permeability of the soil, compaction, etc. It has an effect on many properties of the soil such as. Also, particle size determination, assessment of the availability of substances, the behavior of a substance in the soil, and the determination of the quality of the soil (target and intervention values ​​for these parameters are calculated on the basis of the clay fraction). A wet sieve shaker allows you to determine the particle size distribution of soil samples in order to be able to classify soils according to international standards.

The granular composition of the representative sample thus obtained can be determined by applying an electromagnetic wet sieve shaker. The sieve shaker keeps the sample in constant motion to achieve the best possible sifting results. Sieve shaker and stainless steel mesh sieves (including receivers and lids) are suitable for both wet and dry sieving.


  • Wet And Dry Samples Research
  • Mix Sample Materials With Water
  • Soil & Coal Research
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Construction & Building Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Water Or Air Permeability Research In The Lab
  • Research, Scientific Study & Laboratory


  • High-Quality Metal Sieves
  • Ideal For Classifying Soil And Mix Sample
  • High Efficiency And High Precision
  • Easy To Operate
  • Adjustable Time & Speed
  • Quiet Working & Effective Sieving
  • Operated By A Fully Enclosed Powerful 1/4 HP Motor
  • Meets ASTM Standards
  • It Works With Low Noise Level
  • Low Maintenance



Model Yoder – 8Y Yoder – 8YD
Shaker Single Double
Product Wet Sieve Shaker Wet Sieve Shaker
Construction GIPC GIPC
Test Sieves ASTM standard * inches ASTM standard * inches
Motor ¼  HP ¼  HP
Water reservoir & Holder GIPC or SS 304 MS power coated 25-50 liters
Timer 0-60 minutes 0-60 minutes
Capacity 1-7 sieves as per user requirement 1-7 sieves as per user requirement
Power Supply 220 / 240 Volts 220 / 240 Volts
Drain Manual Valve Manual Valve



You can contact us if you have any questions about the Wet Sieve Shaker equipment’s full details and methodologies.


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