Microplate readers are the basic tool used in laboratories to detect absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence of molecules. They are widely used in biological sciences. Fully Auto Elisa Microplate Readers are designed for rapid photometric analysis of plates by the ELISA method. The reader can collect measurement results from the entire board in seconds. Such a high measurement speed is ensured by a precise, multi-channel optical system. High accuracy and reliability is ensured by the latest technology.

Fully Auto Microplate readers detect and process biological and chemical data, using mainly absorbance data. They are used in drug discovery, research, bioassay validation, and drug manufacturing. The model was designed according to the current technologies, with high quality and reliability, as well as high precision analysis and easy operation. Intuitive software, capable of performing readings, data processing, and memorization of analyzes and results.

The Clinical Laboratory Micro Plate Reader has a high resolution, color touch panel and is intended for use in scientific, laboratory, and clinical research. It has a small size and solid construction. It is ideal when you need to perform a large number of determinations. The highest quality optics, fast measurement, and an excellent incubator are the hallmarks of Laboteck Microplate Reader. These and many other features make it possible to use them for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from ELISA to kinetic studies of cell growth.

Laboteck Microplate Reader/Elisa Microplate Analyser products are the best instruments designed for highly sensitive analyzes, which at the same time require fast and efficient work. Laboteck Microplate Readers have completely new, unique solutions that increase their speed and sensitivity. The Laboteck series readers are the perfect choice for all science laboratories and pharmacological applications. Laboteck ensures the speed, sensitivity, and flexibility of conducted research. The use of the latest technologies has ensured that the reader has been designed for the most advanced scientific and clinical laboratory experiments and pharmacological analyzes.


  • Reliable, single-channel absorbance reader for microtiter plates. Determinations: to the endpoint, kinetic, well scanning
  • It is possible to use plates from 6 to 96 wells
  • Wavelength range: 340-750 nm, 400-750 nm, 380-900 nm; 340-900 nm
  • Filter wheel: 5-position – up to max. 5 different filters
  • Dynamic range: 0 to 4.0 OD, resolution 0.0001 OD
  • Easy to use Gen5 software for fast data collection and processing as well as exporting and printing results.
  • Typical applications: ELISA
  • Easy-to-use: quickly collecting, exporting, and printing data.

The ELISA Microplate analysis device from Laboteck is an easy-to-use microplate reader. It has a compact structure and is lightweight. It has been designed to measure and interpret enzyme immunoassay results, both monochrome and bichromatic. The ELISA microplate reader works with flat and convex bottom plates. The tray holding the plate is connected to a special mechanism that smoothly moves it and sets it exactly according to the optimal measurement path. Measurements are made in a continuous mode. The average value of the readings is calculated and presented according to the selected options. The Laboteck reader offers the ability to perform analysis based on absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence.


The Laboteck Elisa Microplate Reader Analyser offers proven performance for many applications, from endpoint tests to fast kinetics. The Laboteck Elisa Micro Plate Reader is widely recognized for offering temperature control that optimizes conditions for even the most temperature-sensitive tests. Its high-quality optical design guarantees excellent precision, accuracy, and linearity with easy data capture and powerful analysis. Laboteck is a leading firm and distributor of products and equipment for laboratories, education, and industries in general. We have a technical and scientific team to better assist the buyer and user, providing security and agility in the budgeting and purchasing process.


Model YATHERM 1000
Type Fully automated ELISA analyzer
Sample racks 60 or 80 – 12 mm sample tubes or 40 – 16 mm sample tubes
Dilution rack 92 positions
Reagents holder modular racks to hold calibrators, controls and reagents for 8 methods on line
Liquid reservoirs external tanks equipped with level sensors; 2 washing buffer
Microtiter plates 2 plates (96 wells) with incubation capability, from room temperature to 45 °C
Dispensing system 1 aspirating-dispensing probe with X-Y-Z movement; dilution system with a syringe of 1000 μl, continuous flow washing station
Washing system two 8 nozzle on line manifolds with automatic adaptation for the different micro-plates height
Washing Residual volume < 3μl
Washing inaccuracy CV < 5 % with 300 μl
Readingsystem 8 independent photometric channels for mono and bichromatic reading
Optical filters 2 filters (450 and 630 nm); 2 more on request (max 4 filters)
Readinginaccuracy ± 1% from 0.000 to 1.500 OD ± 2% from 1.500 to 3.000 OD
Dispensation from 8 ml to 1000 ml with 1μl resolution; inaccuracy ±1% with 100 μl
Software Windows 98 and XP operating system, to set up the work list, patient reports and results filing; calibration curves storage for each carried-out test
Connection LIS interface capability, work list set up from Host computer.
Capability of connecting more instruments to a single PC.
Power Supply 200/110 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimension 620 x 820 x 720
Weight 80 Kg