The spectrometer is an established spectroscopic technique SPEC instrument that’s used to measure the chemical identity and structure of materials in various industries and laboratories, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, minerals, and food. Portable Spectrophotometer performs real-time analysis to identify chemical reactions, crystallization, homogeneity of mixtures, quantification of assets/excipients, coating, and polymorphic transitions. With increasing regulatory pressure towards greater control over pharmaceutical production, it is now more important than ever to implement more efficient and more accurate ways to identify the entry of raw materials. A spectrometer is a powerful tool for various types of laboratory and scientific research. Its simple and robust design is easy to use and easily adaptable to individual requirements.

The spectrometer is SPEC equipment used to measure the energy absorbed by a sample and compare it with standard measurement. Thus, it is able to quantify the concentration of different solutions, being applied in different areas such as biochemistry, clinical analysis, molecular biology, chemistry, physics, and more. Spectrometers, various analyzes, and measurement values ​​for recognized or unrecognized materials can be performed directly on site. The spectrometer performs almost all the tasks of the analysis laboratory. The analyzer is easy, and reliable for a variety of applications that offer accurate, high-throughput analysis; analysis of precious metals, compliance screening or analysis of fuels and mineral oils, etc.

Light consists of a large spectrum of colors and is not just white or just black or blue. A light source primarily illuminates an object. The object absorbs a certain proportion of the light and sends the rest back. It measures the returned part of the spectrum with a Sensor and calculates the color. The spectrometer is used in quality control in industrial industries. The spectrometer is the ideal product for quality control in dental technology, painters, or the production of plastic bags and offers the highest reliability in meeting and complying with optical requirements.

Reliable result in seconds with the Laboteck Portable Spectrometer Input identification of raw materials. Laboteck spectrophotometer takes measurements in the wavelength range from 200 to 1100 nm. The spectrometer is a dedicated system, offering great analytical flexibility. The instrument is made to measure and is small in size and can be transported and used in any workplace. Spectrometers are an internationally recognized analytical technique used to determine the composition.


  • Compact, Portable, Small, and Light
  • Better Performance in Each Technique Measurement
  • All Analysis Techniques in a Single Instrument
  • Easy To Use
  • Robust Body
  • Optical Wavelength Range from 200 to 1100 nm
  • Optional Triggering Functions for Easy Integration
  • Ultra-Fast & Integration Time Range of 0.1ms-60s
  • High-Speed Mini USB 2.0 for Power, Transmission, and Control
  • Customizable Design


  • Absorbance Measurement
  • Transmittance Measurement
  • Reflectance Measurement
  • Irradiance Measurement
  • Color Measurement
  • Raman Measurement
  • Fluorescence Measurement


Laboteck is a leading firm and most renowned brand worldwide, we have the widest range of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for various industries and sectors such as food and beverages, water and environment, sugar and ethanol, pharmacy and cosmetics, microbiology and petrochemicals, plants, solid and liquid samples, among others. We have adopted the principle of delivering the best product at the most affordable prices on time and gaining customer satisfaction, with our long years of knowledge in the sector and our experience in technical service and application with our professional staff. Laboteck is a recognized leader in the field of equipment and analytical instruments, providing the best quality, easiest to use, most powerful, and high-performance Spectrometer at the lowest price that delivers reliable results even with the most demanding measurements.


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