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Working sieves is a fairly popular type of equipment used regularly in various fields of science and industry for separating bulk products by particle size. A wide range of mesh sizes of the certified test sieves allows you to separate particles into the desired fractions. Working sieves are equipped with frames made of brass or stainless steel with brass / stainless steel woven wire mesh according to ASTM standards. A professional sieve is synonymous with durability and maximum hygiene.

The industrial sieve (working sieves) is widely used and can be found in various models. A widely used model is the sequence of sieves with different-sized meshes. The industrial sieve can be applied in agricultural, construction, foundry, laboratories, industrial processes, and more than a hundred applications. With numerous flow types and sizes, you can perform material separations eliminating unwanted material or only dimensional separation.

Working sieves are used in industries that include the food and feed industry, agriculture and soil testing, pharmaceuticals, mining, chemical, and other industry, laboratories construction, and laboratory paving to control various materials by particle size before and after crushing, grinding, and enrichment. Our sieves control: grain, flour, cereals, tea, medicinal herbs, seeds, nuts, mineral fertilizers, soils, sands, precious stones, abrasive powders, building materials, and more.

The Working test sieves are used in the analysis of granulometric / separation/fractionation, thus identifying the size and distribution of the particle, they follow different international standards of opening called “mesh”, following the rule that the larger the “mesh” the greater the number of openings, therefore, the finer the particle must be. For the analysis of coarser materials, sieves with less “mesh” should be used and for finer materials, a higher “mesh” should be indicated. Working sieves can be used manually used in the industries.

The screens for industrial sieves are products used in equipment that classify various elements. For example, stones, grains, and ores. Therefore, these screens are often found in many industrial sectors. For example, laboratories, mining companies, chemical industries, and many others. Here are several options regarding the composition mode and, consequently, the application of the screens. Therefore, the customer must choose the model that best suits the given situation.


  • Separation
  • Granulometric
  • Fractionation
  • Particle Size Determination


  • Mesh Material: Stainless Steel or Brass
  • Sieves Frame: Brass
  • Weave Style: Plain Weave
  • Sieves 8″ × 2″ Diameter Frame: Full Height & One Half Height Depths
  • Standards: ISO, BSS & ASTM


4 5 480 4.75
5 6 340 1812 3.35
6 7 280 2411 2.80
7 8 240 2207 2.36
8 10 200 2057 2
10 12 170 1698 1.70
12 14 140 1005 1.40
14 16 120 1200 1.18
16 18 100 1000 1
18 20 85 850 0.850
22 25 70 710 0.710
25 30 60 600 0.600
30 35 50 500 0.500
36 40 40 425 0.425
44 45 35 355 0.355



Laboteck offers high-quality working sieves with national/international standards and a calibration guarantee is given by the manufacturer. The working sieves we make have excellent quality characteristics and unsurpassed strength. Several tons of product was sieved through our sieves. To guarantee the purchase of quality products at a fair price. That’s because Laboteck has been working in the sector for many years. That is, the company provides the products that customers need according to the customer’s project, thus providing an ideal product for each application. Request a quote now!

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