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The Laboteck test sieves are used vigorously in the process of deferring solids. In turn, the granulometry consists of the distribution of the granules from their dimensions. The accessory is placed on the magnetic stirrer, which begins to separate the particles. Thus, it is possible to keep all the granules properly separated with the sieve. It is worth emphasizing that the test sieves have as their main function the classification of elements of certain products. Through the gaps contained in the sieve, the particle distribution is effective. In short, test sieves are used in the analysis and granulometric control of research, study, laboratory and industry samples.

The laboratory & industry test sieves is made with stainless steel screens, has high efficiency and precision. Equipment developed especially for classifying and analyzing particles on a laboratory scale, always aiming to meet the needs and the most required standards in the market.

The filter mesh of the sieve for granulometry can be made of stainless steel or brass with different diameter sizes depending on the model. The test sieves body is made of stainless steel, which guarantees even more resistance in applications. In the screening process, there is a separation that occurs according to the geometric dimension of the particles that will be separated with the test sieves. Test sieves are responsible for particle size analysis, which is a technique that determines the size of particles. It is widely used in food, stones, powders, paper, pharmaceutical industry, quality control assessments, scientific research and analysis in mining, construction and building industry and more.

The Laboteck test sieves contains a complete range of brass mesh test sieves, woven mesh test sieves, perforated plate sieves and grid sieves for in-process equipment, allowing it to be readily reconfigured to simulate customers facilities for testing their production processes. All Laboteck test sieves models have an easy-to-clean design, which allows easy access to the equipment’s interior components for quick inspection, disassembly, screen replacement and cleaning.


Color: Silver or Brass

Material: Stainless Steel

Brass Frame Aperture Size: 1mm – 4mm

Stainless Steel Frame Aperture Size: 1mm – 1.5mm

Outer Dia: 8 inch

Full Height Sieves: 2 inch

Available Diameter Sizes: 200, 300, 315, 350, 400 and 450 mm


  • High quality metal potting sieve
  • Ideal for classifying soil and compost
  • Use of laboratory and industry for particle size analysis
  • High efficiency and high precision
  • Handy for dusting over seeds in trays
  • A perfect and multifunctional tool, very useful and practical
  • Essential for removing stones, and helping refine soil before planting


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