The Fluorometer is ideal for quick field measurements of fluorescence quality of samples. The portable fluorometer is a small, light, sensitive and flexible solution device whose portability allows easy used in fluorescence spectroscopy field, so that the product can also be used in the laboratory. In order to facilitate transport and improve field research conditions, the portable fluorometer is characterized by being very light and easy to handle, since it was developed especially to meet this type of need for external research.

The portable fluorometer provided by the Laboteck brand can be used in a wide range of applications, in order to meet the most varied research and analysis objectives. In this context, it is important to note that the portable fluorometer is available in a wide variety of models, which have several options for adapting the sheets to be measured.

Thus, the various models of portable fluorometer that are provided can be used with high performance in applications such as teaching activities at universities and other institutions, for screening, for herbicide activity, for the detection of stress and for photosynthetic activity and in various industries and in the laboratory, greenhouses or in the field. Ideal for photosynthetic activity studies, stress detection, herbicide testing and mutation detection. As it is an equipment intended for use in the field, the portable fluorometer is powered by batteries, which gives it adequate autonomy to perform the analyzes and also accompanies an ideal software for processing the obtained data.


  • Compact, Portable, Small and Light
  • Better Performance in All Measurement
  • Quick & High Quality Measurement
  • Easy To Use
  • Robust Body
  • Advanced fluorometers with strong excitation lamps
  • Support for all liquid, thin films and solid samples
  • Ultra-Fast & Integration Time Range of 0.1ms-60s
  • Wavelength Accuracy of 1 nm
  • Reproducibility: +/-0.2%
  • Customizable Design

Analysis Mode: Excitation, Emission and Synchronous 

  • Excitation Wavelength Range: 250 – 800 nm
  • Emission Wavelength Range: 250 – 1000 nm


It is a measure of the fluorescence emitted by light-emitting substances. Which is obtained by absorbing light energy molecules they then emit fluorescent light with a wavelength longer than the wavelength absorbed by the molecule.


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