Digest Furnace Kjeldahl Apparatus Nitrogen Analyzer for nitrogen determination according to the conventional method according to Kjeldahl. Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer systems are incorporated in a single set. Fully automatic Kjeldahl distiller with On Line titration system, in real time. For systematic analyzes, of great precision, with minimum personal intervention, simple and safe. Suitable for a laboratory with a medium to large sample volume.

The Kjeldahl Pro Nitro A distiller, titrates the distillate at the same time that it is obtained, because the distillation and titration is converted into a single operation, drastically shortening the time for analyzes performed. This type of titration offers another additional advantage: it detects the point at which the sample no longer gives off Nitrogen, this property is used to stop the distillation at an appropriate time, thus ensuring that the distillation time is always optimal to obtain a maximum Nitrogen recovery and does not prolong distillation any longer than necessary.

The Digest Furnace Kjeldahl Apparatus digestion system is a basic digestion unit with a fully automated tube rack ensuring safety, ease and flexibility in Kjeldahl analyzes. Communicable with PC, enabling traceability at all times. The complete Auto system ensures fully automated lifting without the need for user handling.

Safe, easy-to-handle operations, saving chemicals and reagents, space, time and energy. Fully compatible with gas washing system avoiding the release of nitrogen and toxic gases in your workplace. In addition to having a range of accessories and consumables from Laboteck of high quality and immediate delivery.

Included own software to help control automation, keeping your routines all programmed and controlled correctly. The software can be adapted according to the user for each application. In addition to having the support of Laboteck locally in case of doubts or additional needs. Laboteck catalyst inserts are highly recognized in the market, with several formulations in order to serve the customer in the method that best fits for digesting your raw material.


  • Built in epoxy coated steel plate;
  • Heating batteries for digestion and distillation for 6 simultaneous tests in each one;
  • Heating systems through quality wire resistors;
  • Support platform for balloons made in refractory;
  • Maximum temperature in the heating element;
  • Individual electronic temperature control with reference between points 1 and 10;
  • Cooling through stainless steel condenser tubes with electrostatic painting;
  • Extractor hood manufactured with material resistant to sulfuric acid;
  • Engine assembled in order to be isolated from aggressive gases;
  • Gas collector tube in PVC reinforced with stainless steel, adjustable in height;
  • Supplied without glassware;
  • Double insulated power cable without plug;

The Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer is isolated, minimizing heat transfer to the external environment and allowing rapid heating in a safe and economical way. When used with the Scrubber (gas scrubber), communication can be done automatically or programmed through the device’s display. Scrubber receives gases from acid digestion, condensing and then purging. All waste is collected, washed and neutralized before going through the second purge system, protecting the vacuum pump, increasing the useful life of the equipment itself.


Laboteck specializes in the trade of Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, laboratory equipment, glassware, thermometers, porcelain and other products. We work with excellent brands, always aiming for quality in the products offered and the satisfaction of our “client”, reason for the existence of our company.

Model YSKN-984 YSKN-110F YSKN-986
Water Consumption 1.5L/Min
Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Ambient Humidity 80%
Measure Range 0.1mg~200mg
Analysis Time 5~10min
Recovery Ratio ≥99.5%
Sample Amount Solid ≤6g;

Liquid ≤16ml

Solid ≤ 5g;

Liquid ≤20ml

Burette Accuracy / 1.0μL/ step 2μL/ step
Reproducibility / ±0.5% ±0.5%
Consumption 2000W
Power Supply AC110/220 V ±10%,60/50Hz
Packing size(W*D*H) 655*528*880mm Main body:585*525*900mm


Main body:585*525*905mm


Gross weight 45Kg Main body:52.7kg,


 Main body:50.3Kg,



Functions List YSKN-984 YSKN-110F YSKN-986
Variable Steam Generator
Cooling Water Pressure Monitor
Cooling Water Temperature Monitor
Automatic Alkali Solution Adding
Automatic Dilute Water
Auto Solution Adding
Tube Emptying
Removable Drain Tray
Safety Door
Tube on Position Sensor
Tube Replacement Sensor
Colorimetric Titration Device
Result Calculation
Result and Data Storing
Built-in Printer
Automatic fault detection function
Titration While Distillation


Model YSKN-987 YSKN-987A
Working Process Adding quantitative sample dilution, alkali liquor and absorption liquid;

Automatically finishing distillation, titration, print and liquid-discharging.

Measurement Range 0.1~240mgN
Sample Amount Solid<6g; liquid<16ml
Measurement Time 4~6 minutes
Titration Precision 0.75μL/step
Requirement of Cooling Water <18℃
Cooling Water Consumption 1.5L/min (Distillation process)
Titration Solution Concentration Direct titration samples with 4 titration concentrations of 0.1mol,0.5 mol and 1 mol
Titration System High-precision plunger type titration system High-precision peristaltic titration system
Repeatability ±0.5%
Recovery Ratio ≥99.5%
Data Storage 140,000 groups
Consumption 2000W
Power Supply AC220V, 50/60Hz
Packing Size(W*D*H) 510*460*710mm
Gross Weight 36.4Kg 39.8Kg