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Biodegradable Bags

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Biodegradable Bags Are A Solution For Environmental Pollution:

Did you know that there are more plastic micro particles in the oceans and earth than stars in the Milky Way? One of the biggest enemies of the environment, plastic is present in just about everything we use in our daily lives. We need to face this addiction head on, making changes in our habits and looking for green alternatives. Fortunately, more and more people are aware of this problem and even those who invest to find innovative solutions.

By touch, endurance and appearance you do not even notice the difference. But the truth is that the Laboteck biodegradable bag is 100% sustainable, made from renewable and edible resources. Just chop the bag and dilute in water to drink. Not only is it safe for your health, it is safe for the thousands of marine animals that are affected by litter.

The environment is of great interest. Laboteck has environmentally friendly biodegradable bags in its range:

  • 100% degradable
  • Breaks down naturally
  • Reduces waste

In addition, bags and other plastic containers release chemicals in their contents. For example in moisturizer or food, which will later be absorbed by our body. So using biodegradable bags has a positive impact not only on the environment but also on ourselves.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Biodegradable Bags?

  • Biodegradable bags are recyclable and can be reused before degradation begins;
  • They can be made from recycled plastics;
  • After being discarded, they can be destined for composting.
  • When decomposed, it produces water, carbon dioxide and biomass, an excellent soil fertilizer;
  • Must be separated in separate collection as well as conventional plastics;
  • Are bags tested, safe and approved for food contact;
  • Do not emit methane (polluting gas) in its degradation;

Our biodegradable compostable bags are made from compostable bioplastic from renewable sources. Due to these characteristics, they are considered suitable for the selective collection of urban organic waste and its forwarding to the composting process.

Our Biodegradation Bags Leaves No Environmentally Harmful Waste:

  • Packaging with this concept is recyclable by common processes such as mechanical, energy or chemical.
  • Packaging with this concept is approved for food contact.
  • This is just one of the ways proposed to safely contribute to reducing environmental problems caused by plastic packaging that is not recycled or reused.
  • Ideally, do not use single-use plastic, always try to use returnable bags that are much more environmentally friendly.
  • Our biodegradable bags have two cotton drawstring handles and can be customized. Contact us and choose the color, size and type of seed.

The biodegradable bag is provided with an additive, which means that the material is naturally broken down more quickly by the environment. This also applies to the imprint. A true environmentally friendly solution, which also does not compromise on attention value. Laboteck supplies every conceivable biodegradable bag in this material. With punched-out handle, cords or loops, with or without imprint: everything is possible.

Are you looking for a biodegradable bag? Laboteck offer bags made of biodegradable material. These biodegradable bags are environmentally friendly bags. ‘Contribute’ in a simple way to the future of the environment and give your products an added ‘green’ value. Environmentally friendly bags are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Contact Us!

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