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The motorized (electromagnetic) sieve shakers is characterized as a vibrating test tool for particle size analysis, granulometric analysis and size distribution of solid materials. There are several segments that enjoy the benefits of the motorized sieve shaker, mainly due to its versatility and effectiveness in the process of separating granules and various materials. In the electromagnetic sieve shaker device, sieves with different meshes are used in order to retain solid substances. In this, more than one sieve can be used. Thus, it is possible to collect the sediments that were not retained in the sieves, allowing the proper analysis of substances.


The motorized sieve shaker with round sieves is used to classify sediments according to their granulometry. For particle size analysis 8″, 5″ or 3″ inches in diameter. Its principle of operation consists of the disposition of the sieves with different meshes placed in the apparatus, one after the other, and the larger solids are retained in the first sieve. In its last stage, there is the bottom of the sieves, which allows to collect sediments that were not retained in the previous sieves. This shaker allows combinations of screens of different sizes, as needed, as well as the calibration of the best screening point. In this way recipes and procedures can be created


Electromagnetic sieve shaker with round sieves for granulometric analysis with 8”or 5” or 3” diameter, with manual adjustment by means of a selector switch, with time clock, automatic shutdown, programmable vibrations, voltage 110 / 220V. The agitator has capacity for up to six 2” high screens or twelve 1” high screens. The procedure called granulometric / particle size analysis is extremely important for laboratory and industry sectors, in view of the fact that electromagnetic sieve shaker helps in the practicality, efficiency and reliability in the analytical processes and Strict Quality Control, in which checks and tests guarantee the perfect functioning of the equipment, providing safety and customer satisfaction. In addition, it sieve shakers also plays a key role in evaluating quality control and soil analysis. Counting with sieve shaker suppliers is essential for laboratory administrators.

Versatility, modern and dynamic design, and great practicality during handling. These are some of the main attributes of the motorized shaker. In addition, the equipment assists in various laboratory processes, such as:

  • Particle separation through volumetric and granulometric analysis;
  • Participates effectively in the process of size distribution of solid materials;
  • The electromagnetic  shaker performs the separation of particles according to the size of each one, since the equipment facilitates the selection process.


  • Time clock, automatic shutdown and programmable vibrations
  • Capacity for 6 2-inch-high screens, plus cover and bottom
  • Round sieves with a diameter of 3 ″, 5 ″ or 8 ″ can be used
  • Rheostat for vibration control, electromagnetic
  • Cover and bottom included
  • Vibration adjustment according to user needs
  • Has timer for programming the running time


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