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Electric Rotap sieve shaker is an perfect two dimensional sieving movement equipment produces a horizontal circular motion and a vertical topping motion through a blow on the top of the sieve set for reliable, accurate and consistent particle size testing analysis, quality control of raw materials, intermediate and finished products, as well as in production monitoring. A new option in the screening work due to its orbital movement and successive strokes on the sieve cover. The test result is more significant because the hammer action prevents very fine particles from sticking to the bottom of the sieves.

Rotop sieve shaker is used to separate products with grain size from each other and report them according to standards. Rotop test sieve shaker simulates the circular and knocking motion of the manual sieve, but with a uniform mechanical action with electronic digital timer. Therefore, ensuring constant and comparative analysis. The horizontal oscillating rotational motion, combined with simultaneous vertical pulses, mimics classic manual sieving. Very efficient sieving to the combination of a rotational movement and threshing. The shaking effect allows excellent sieving of the product.

It will be an economical choice for you with good performance. The rotop sieve shaker performs the agitation process by making circular movements. Digital display timer to determine the sieving time from 0 to 99 min. Special versions of RO-TAP ensure precise reproducibility of sieving results worldwide. This protective cabinet equipped with safety sensors prevents crushing injuries that may be caused by the tamper or the sieve column, if used improperly. Fast screen change – quick release mechanism allows test results to be reviewed instantly.


  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable time & speed
  • Quiet working & Effective sieving
  • Two dimensional sieving movement
  • Separates particles according to size with constant and comparative analysis
  • Excellent separation efficiency
  • 100% reproducibility of the sieving results
  • With electronic digital timer
  • With Switch, time clock & automatic shutdown
  • Operated by a fully enclosed powerful 1/4 HP motor
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • It works with low noise level
  • Require very little maintenance


You can contact us if you have any questions about the Rotop Sieve Shaker equipment full details and methodologies.


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