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Biohazard Disposal Bags

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Our Biohazard Disposal Bags and Our Environment:

Our biohazard disposal bag is a waste bag, we heard a customer say. But is this really true? Wherever people come together, dirt is created and cleaning is required. And where cleaning takes place, waste is created. The use of waste bags within the cleaning industry is therefore a frequently used item. But have you ever stopped to think about how such a waste bag is produced and what impact all these bags have on our environment? Let’s examine that together

Our Biohazard disposal material is very suitable for biohazard disposal or garbage bags because of its properties. It is a light material that is neutral to water and suitable for recycling. Polyethylene is strong, resistant to many aggressive substances and it is resistant to weather influences. All useful properties that come in handy when you make biohazard disposal bags.

Laboteck Biohazard disposal material contains only carbon and hydrogen atoms. When fully incinerated in a waste incineration plant, only the non-toxic substances carbon dioxide and water arise from this. It is neutral for groundwater and is therefore versatile, strong and safe.

Choosing A Biohazard Disposal Bag – How Do You Choose the Right Size?

With the right waste bag, waste separation on the work floor becomes a lot easier. But how do you actually choose the right garbage bag? Because one is not the other. Fortunately, with the right information, it’s a simple job. We help you!

A Biohazard Disposal Bag Is Just A Garbage Bag:

There are different types of biohazard disposal bags, both in colors, materials, thickness and dimensions. The choice of which type of bag depends on what you want to do with the waste:

  • When selecting (separating waste) colored biohazard disposal bags are ideal.
  • A thinner HDPE waste bag is sufficient to protect and keep your waste bin clean.
  • If you want to check what is thrown away, then choose a transparent disposal or waste bag.
  • Collecting or transporting waste is best done with a thicker LDPE disposal bag.

Tips for Choosing a Biohazard Disposal Bag:

The type of industrial waste or disposal (light, normal or heavy) can play a role in the choice of material (HDPE or LDPE) and the thickness of the waste bags. Waste bags for kitchen / pantries and washrooms, laborites, hospital, and other sector or industries, for example, do not have to be thick, but sturdy. In addition, you want them to not shine because of the content and preferably have a drawstring closure for hygiene and unpleasant odors.

A light and small bag is generally sufficient for separating waste at the office because the waste is often collected and collected in a larger garbage container.

Laboteck’s Waste bags with Biohazard print, for safe disposal of laboratory waste. Suitable for multiple autoclaving. High tear resistance and good resistance to impact. Made from environment friendly materials, with writing surface. Autoclavable.

With the tips above you can easily order the right waste bag. Do you want to buy a garbage bag? Need new biohazard disposal bags? You can easily order it at Laboteck. Our range is very extensive, with the right garbage bag for every situation. From small waste bags for light waste to large biohazard disposal bags for the heavier work. So whether you are looking for a waste bag for a trash can, trash can or container, you can easily order them with us.

If you want more information about biohazard disposal bags or do you have questions? You can always contact us.

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