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Woven mesh test sieves are a method tool equipment for separating mixtures. It consists of passing a mixture of solid particles of different sizes, and all types of particle size analysis for laboratories and industries. The smaller particles pass through the pores of the sieve through it and the large ones are retained by it. Sieving is done by passing the product over a surface provided with holes of the desired size. The apparatus may be made up of fixed or moving bars, perforated metal plates, or woven metal wires. Sieving consists of separating a mixture of particles of different sizes into two or more fractions, each of which will be made up of particles of a more uniform size than the original mixture.

Woven mesh test sieves with stainless steel or brass frames are suitable for dry sieving, wet sieving, and manual sieving. Ideal for the following applications:

  • Fractioning
  • Separations

Woven mesh test sieves, often also called technical mesh test sieves, are screens where the weft and warp threads are made of round wires with a diameter depending on the type of screen and are interwoven with each other according to a specific way. Woven mesh metal nets are characterized by a very fine, but very strong structure.

These are various types of sieves available in diameter sizes of 38, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 315, 350, 400, and 450 mm, as well as 3, 8, 12, and 18 inches, which are characterized by considerable strength and resistance, but equally important, they are extremely light. It is a versatile mesh designed for use in laboratories and various industries. The material of the woven steel mesh is distinguished by the highest quality.

We offer a wide range of high-quality woven mesh test sieves. These are manufactured under nationally & internationally recognized quality assurance standards. It specializes in stainless steel and brass frame and mesh sieves that are inherently stronger, more durable, and corrosion-resistant than traditional brass sieves. Half-height sieves and extra deep sieves are also available.


  • Mesh Material: stainless steel or Brass
  • Weave Style: Plain Weave
  • Sieves 8″ × 2″ Frame Type: stainless steel or Brass
  • Test Sieves Diameter Sizes: 38 mm to 450 mm


Laboteck is a trusted seller of test sieves that provides its customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. It specializes in providing high-quality woven mesh test sieves that meet the highest requirements in terms of strength and usability. We have been operating on the market for several years and during this time we have gained extensive experience in the field of equipment for testing and analysis, quality control, production, research, and development. We offer professional advice and comprehensive service in the selection of optimal products depending on the needs. Our service will help you choose a product suitable for specific applications and meet all requirements. The most important for us is the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we focus on very good quality, price, contact with the customer, and, of course, individual approach to the customer.

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