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Water Soluble Bags

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Environmentally Friendly & Water Soluble Bags:

We live a moment of reflection and awareness regarding the environment. We are beginning to feel on the skin all the effects that pollution and the destruction of nature have on our lives, and more and more researchers are devoting themselves to new solutions that help preserve the planet. The water-soluble bags that dissolves in minutes in water is designed to reduce the average of 1 trillion plastic bags that are used worldwide each year.

Water-Soluble, Non-Polluting Bags:

Water-soluble bags are made with a poly alcohol derivative (PVA), which is a synthetic, low temperature water soluble and biodegradable polymer. Laboteck provide water-soluble bags that dissolve quickly in water.

Water Soluble Bag Uses:

  • For pesticides, water soluble dyes, water treatment agents, engineering fibers, cement, additives, cleaning materials, agricultural seeds and other packaging products.
  • For road, bridge, gap filler packaging construction, water-soluble bag specifications: width of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and so on, the length of any production , filler inside the water-soluble bag, connect the road, bridge, building cracks, in the water, water-soluble bags quickly dissolved, filler solidification, thereby playing a solid road, paper bridge.
  • Far textile products, electronics, electrical products, materials packing, cushion packaging, books, paper protection film, wigs, food, cosmetics and other products.
  • PVA special-shaped bags, they can be customized according to the requirements of a variety of different shapes of water soluble bags to meet the different needs of the lower bow bag.
  • PVA agricultural seed bag; the seeds are packed at a fixed range and buried in the ground, save valuable seeds.
  • Water-soluble bags used for wigs, cosmetics, food, Hospital bags, disposable bags, shopping bags, laundry bags.

Water Soluble Packaging Bag Features:

  • Complete degradation, the end product for CO2 and H2O, non-polluting, non-toxic;
  • Inside the bag in water at room temperature can dissolve, Dissolution speed is available for design selection, the outer bag is completely dissolved in 80 degree Celsius water;
  • The water-soluble bag has two kinds of embossing and smooth, the substrate thickness between 25um-80um to choose from, dissolution time 30 seconds-120 seconds; Both inside and outside package can be printed, and the letter is clear, ink and bag dissolved;
  • Water-soluble packing bag without static, tensile strength, uniform tension, non-dust aspiration;
  • Indoor, Bag packing using hot-press sealing, or Water-soluble rope straps, the outer packing bag can be added letter buckle and stickers, sealing method is eager to seal, on both sides of the seal, three sides, 6 sealed, etc.
  • Water-soluble bag specifications by 3cmx5cm — 100cmx120cm among any customized.

Water Soluble Packaging Bags Properties:

  • Dissolve completely on contact with water
  • Highest quality
  • Available immediately in different sizes
  • Further custom sizes and material thicknesses on request
  • These bags have the great advantage that the contaminated wax does not have to be touched again.
  • The water-soluble bags must be stored in a cool and dry place at a temperature of 7 º C to 30 º C.

Laboteck offer wide range of high quality water soluble bags for heavily soiled or contaminated waxes. Contact Us!

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