CO₂ Incubators

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CO2 Incubator has a touch-sensitive control panel, as well as improved usability, quick cleaning
and effortless maintenance. Incubators are widely used devices for growing and maintaining
microbiological cultures or cell cultures. Laboratory incubators are essential for a large amount
of experimental work focused on cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology.

CO2 Incubator is ideal equipment for immunology, genetic oncology, and bio-engineering
production of microorganisms, pharmacology and agricultural sciences among others. With
forced convection it allows a quick recovery if necessary. Optimized for high value samples
including reagents/culture media that are sensitive to contamination and difficult to grow. CO2
incubator has several features that promote tissue cell growth, such as: temperature control,
CO2 control, 90% relative humidity and HEPA filter.

 Research with stem cells;
 Autologous tissue regeneration;
 Genomic and proteomic expression;
 Culture of amphibian and exotic plant cells;
 Culture of transgenic and hypersensitive cells;
 Work on low-volume microplates of medium.

 Pharmaceutical industry
 Research laboratories
 Universities
 Blood bank
 IV fertility Centers and IVF culture lab
 Microbiology lab


The main features are: LED digital display; sensor, internal UV light to sterilize the internal
chamber; real-time CO2 concentration measurements; separated from temperature and
humidity, without worrying about CO2 monitoring. High precision control and excellent
temperature uniformity. Suction port with HEPA filter to prevent microorganisms from entering
the incubator chamber.

The door is heated to avoid condensation on the internal glass door, thus avoiding
contamination of the chamber. Programmable alarm for monitoring high/low concentrations of
CO2. Switch to prevent the internal glass door from being open for a long time. They include
height-adjustable shelves to allow different jars to be placed. Access port that allows sensors or
testers to be inserted inside if necessary.

 Access hole for chamber sampling and gas inlet with microbiological filter;
 Independent thermostat for high temperature alarm ensures greater safety;
 Microprocessor control system with alpha-numeric display for clear user information;
 Air jacket – direct heating;
 Optional HEPA filter;
 Stainless steel interior with rounded corners;
 Removable inner door trim for better cleaning and disinfection;
 Allows you to configure: visual and audible alarms, access code;
 Thermal conductivity CO2 sensor;
 Reversible door;
 Contact for remote alarm;
 Possibility of installing a sensor for measuring relative humidity;
 Temperature range: + 5°C to 60°C;
 Temperature accuracy: +0.1°C;
 Temperature uniformity: +0.2°C;
 CO2 control range: 0 to 20%;
 CO2 accuracy: +0.1%;
 Relative humidity of 95% at 37°C;
 They come with stainless steel shelves;
 Voltage: 110V, 220V

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